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From K & S Ranch
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TP dipped in scented wax!
The perfect room air freshener for your powder rooms! 

Car Air Fresheners!
Keep your car smelling fabulous for months!!
Scent Beads -
for your wax melter!
Over 4 ounces in every package! 

Throw away that stuff from Glade or Scentsy!! These will out perform them in every way - longevity, scent, ease of use - everything! You can even mix your own - try Coconut with Vanilla for example!!​​ 

Wax Melter
This melter is perfect - no open flames - no changing light bulbs - just plug it in, add scent beads, and enjoy!
The bowl is removable for fast and easy clean up!
Also - if you remove the bowl, you can set a jar candle directly on the heat, and use it that way!
There is a on/off switch on the cord, and an indicator light when it's on.
AND - check the price!
Only $4.25 a bag!!
Only $15.99
Only $3
Only $10