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Here at K & S Candles and More we make all of our products by hand. We take pride in them, and ensure that your purchase will exceed expectations.

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We feature many product choices with an emphasis on bringing
​Glory to God. Our business is only possible due to His grace, and we hope we can enrich your relationship with Him by offering products that attest to His greatness!
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Quality Products - Handmade right here in Kansas -USA!

Wine Glasses!!​

Lots of NEW

The main thing to remember as you browse through the website is that if you don't see what you want, or if you see something you wish was in a different color... all you have to do is ASK!

We do custom work every day, and will be happy to make just what you want!

​We have something for everyone! Need a gift but can't decide? Here's my challenge; Give me a name, age, and 3 of their favorite things, and I'll come up with a perfect gift!!​​​
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