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We eliminated the shopping cart as the majority of our work is customized and there just wasn't a good way to use a shopping cart. Below you will find pricing on candles and bath and body goods. Further down you will find estimated pricing on signs, shirts, etc and why/how pricing can vary on these items.

Easiest thing to do is just email me with what you have in mind and I'll shoot you an exact price promptly - but at least here you can get an idea!!

Thanks SO much!!  K​​​​


​​Votive (2 ounces each) – 3 for $5

2X3.5 round pillar (4.8 ounces) – $5

2X4.5 round pillar (over 6 ounces) – $7

2X6.5 round pillar ( 9 ounces) - $9.00

2X9.5 round pillar (15 ounces) - $12

2.5X3.5 square pillar (over 8 ounces) - $9

3X3X4.5 square pillar (over 20 ounces) - $16

3X3.5 round pillar - (12 ounces) - $10

3X4.5 round pillar (16 ounces) – $12

3X6.5 round pillar (23 ounces) - $16

4X4.5 round pillar (30 ounces) - $20

12 ounce Status Jar - $10

12 ounce Oval Dish (3 wicks)  $11

Specialty "Food" Candles

Cupcakes/Muffins/Cinnamon Buns (over 5 ounces) $5

Loaf - Banana Nut Bread - over a pound of wax (about 22 ounces) - double wicked - $16

Ice Cream dishes/sundaes – Flavor of your choice: $15

Dessert dish:
Neopolitan ice cream with topping, Brownie a la mode, or Strawberry Shortcake L (about 14 ounces) $17


Scent Beads - for your wax melter - 4 oz for only $4.00!!

Car Air Fresheners - $3

Wax Melters - $15.99

Wax Dipped Toilet Paper - room freshener - $10

Bath & Body

4 ounce Personal Bar - $4.25

2.2 ounce Animal Face Kid's Soaps - $4 for package of 2

1.25 ounce Guest Soaps - $5 for package of 4

Body Butter - 2oz $5    4oz $8

Bubbling Milk Bath - 8oz $7  16oz $12

Lotion - 2oz $3.50   4oz $5

​​​​​​​Bath Salts - 8oz $6

Sugar Scrub - 4oz $6   8oz $9
Custom Items;

​​Signs vary according to 3 things; Size, finish, and complexity. Obviously a larger sign with 20 words would cost more than an 8x10 that says Home Sweet Home, for example. But, I can tell you they run approx $10 to $20 - less than you'll find them elsewhere, and always made to your specifications!

T Shirts are similar regarding complexity. Obviously a shirt with 20 words would run more than one with three. Or, if you want both front and back. Shirts with glitter wording are higher due to the higher cost of materials, and sizes over XL are $2 more (this is what I am charged extra) Generally they run from $12 to $20, which is less than you can get them made anywhere else! You do receive a discount for multiple shirts (softball team etc)

Staying in line with the other custom products, pricing of drinkware again will depend on complexity. Approximate pricing is shown with the pictures. Again, discounts are available on orders of multiples.​​​​​​

Send me an email and tell me what you're thinking of and I'll send you a quote promptly! I look forward to serving you!​​