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PLEASE take a moment to review these burning guidelines. Your safety, as well as your satisfaction, is priority one!!  Also - scroll down to review "expectations"

● Always burn candles in an appropriate container. --- Wax liquifies and is flammable!

Always keep wick trimmed to 1/4”. --- Too hot of a flame will result in an improper burn! Trim it before you light it! This is especially important with container candles - to large (hot) of a flame can make the glass too hot to handle, therefore risking breakage!

● Do not burn the last 1/2” of the candle. --- The amount of heat at this point could result in damage to your container/holder or combustion.

● Keep candle away from drafts. --- A 'flickering' flame identifies a draft and can result in an uneven burn, especially with candles larger than votive.

● Keep away from flammable objects, children, and pets.

● Keep 'melt pool' free of debris. --- Always trim your wick after the melt pool solidifies to ensure the debris does not end up in the melt pool.

● You should burn your candle for 1 hour per inch of diameter each time you burn.  “Power Burning” (burning for longer periods) can result in improper and/or uneven burn. This type of use can be the most dangerous and we recommend against it. Burning for too short of a period can result in 'tunneling' and uneven burns as well, especially in container candles.

● Votives -- straight sided holders work the best! There are several choices out there (globes, flower pot, etc), but if you purchase the thick straight sided one you get the most from your candle purchase! Don't want to shop for one? We have them in stock for $1.25 - add it to your order if you order votives!
And a note on Soap products - please use a soap dish to allow the bars to dry completely between uses. This will enhance the longevity of your purchase.
"Hugging" your larger candles -

Pillar candles will "tunnel" slightly. This means they will burn down the middle, leaving a thin wall on the outer edges. Unless you are wanting this effect, you should "hug" your candle. While it is warm and pliable, gently cup the sides in your palms, and 'hug' the top of the sides slightly inward toward the flame.
Not too far! "Gently & Slightly"! Now your flame will melt the walls as well, and you will get the most from your purchase!!
Each candle comes with a warning lable as well. Ensure you are following all guidelines to ensure your safety and satisfaction!

Please keep in mind what size area you are dealing with when deciding on a size for your candles. One votive candle will not be noticeable in a great room with vaulted ceilings unless you are nearby!

On average, you should receive 4 hours of burn time per ounce of wax. So, a 7 ounce candle should last about 26 hours - I say 26 instead of 28 because you shouldn't burn the last 1/2" of your candle for safety reasons, as you read in the burning guidelines.

Also consider placement of your candles. If you place it near an air return vent, or ceiling fan, the scent can be taken away with the air! Be sure you are placing your candles out of drafts/air movement to get the most from their fragrance throw!